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Dental Bonding, When Is It Recommended?

Dental bonding is when a resin material is “bonded” with your teeth to repair problems or imperfections. It’s a very simple procedure that can usually be done to help people with a series of dental imperfections. It restores your smile in a procedure that takes just a single visit.

Cracked Teeth

A cracked tooth is a common dental issue. Tooth injuries are seen daily in a dental office and a broken tooth often sends you to see your dentist promptly. The procedure of dental bonding can be used to restore the tooth leaving a result that looks like your natural tooth.

Teeth Stain

Staining on the teeth can be caused by many factors. Certain types of stains can be easily removed during your routine dental cleaning and other times the stain is permanent. This issue often causes a lot of self-esteem issues for some people. Dental bonding can be used to cover up the stains. This simple procedure is able to restore the confidence of many people with tooth discoloration.


Some people have small gaps between their teeth. This can sometimes be a source of discomfort for some people who may want to close those spaces. The procedure can be a treatment option to address the spacing and create a more desirable smile.

Often dental issues regarding the shape and structure of the tooth can easily be fixed by undergoing this simple procedure. It is a short solution that takes a single appointment to finish just by visiting your cosmetic dentist.

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