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What Is Emergency Dentistry

Maybe you were eating a piece of candy and heard a crunch, started feeling sharp jaw pain, or got hit in the face with a baseball. These scenarios could be a dental emergency. 

While it’s best to regularly visit a dentist for routine care, there may be times when you need help asap. Prolonging a dental visit might make the issue worse, or irreparable. 

Why would I need emergency dental care? 

Accidents are one of the main reasons. A chipped tooth from food that is causing pain, a knocked out tooth from sports, or an injury to your gums that’s too painful to wait for a regular appointment are all reasons. 

Infections and other illnesses are other reasons to seek emergency dental care. An abscessed tooth, or a severe toothache, may prompt you to get care. 

Signs you should seek care are bleeding from the mouth, severe pain, a knocked out tooth, and severe gum swelling.

Where would I find emergency dental care? 

Call your regular dentist first to see if you can get fit in immediately.

Trident General Dentistry has five convenient locations throughout the Charleston area. Search our locations on our website and find the location that best suits you. Our skilled dental team are prepared for most dental emergencies, and for a limited time we are offering a free exam and x-ray to new patients. Call today and ask out our new patient special to see if you qualify.