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Tooth Colored Fillings

When you are in need of a dental filling, you may think that it will be amalgam or silver. However, most dentists urge their patients to opt for tooth-colored fillings prepared from synthetic fillings. Below are three advantages of tooth-colored composites rather than amalgam or silver fillings.

1. Strength
Tooth-colored composite fillings integrate with your teeth far much better than amalgam or silver. The resin composite employed in making tooth-colored fillings can rejuvenate the strength of the affected tooth by up to 91 percent, which as a result makes them stronger. Resin composite fillings also need less of the natural tooth to be removed than metal fillings. The more natural teeth you can retain, the better your long-term dental wellness.

2. Aesthetics
Tooth-colored composite fillings are far less noticeable than metal fillings. Silver and amalgam fillings are easier to pick out due to the color difference between them and the rest of your white teeth. If keeping your teeth white is your goal, then you need to choose tooth-colored fillings.
3. Simplicity
Resin composite fillings are much easier for your doctor to work with. When injected, the mixture is a resin. Thus, it is far much easier to fit the resin into every crevice. It is also far much easier to replace resin composite fillings than amalgam fillings, which may harm your teeth when being removed.

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