Tooth Colored Fillings, Why We Use Them Over Silver Fillings

When dental fillings come to mind, what do you think of? A lot of people may think that means a silver or amalgam filling that will stick out like a sore thumb. Luckily, the majority of dentists push more towards their patients choosing tooth-colored fillings, which are prepared from synthetic fillings.

You may be asking yourself, ‘How can tooth-colored fillings benefit me more than the normal amalgam / silver fillings?’. Fortunately, we have the answer: Strength, Aesthetics, and Simplicity.

Advantage #1: Strength

The resin composite used in making the tooth colored fillings can restore the strength of the affect tooth. In-fact, it restores the strength by 91 percent, making them stronger. Tooth-colored fillings meld with your teeth better than amalgam or silver by a far. Luckily, resin fillings need less of the natural tooth to be extracted than the metal fillings do. The more natural teeth you can keep, the better.

Advantage #2: Aesthetics

If your goal is to keep your teeth white, than choosing tooth-colored fillings is the right choice for you. Tooth-colored composite fillings are FAR less noticeable than those metal fillings. The amalgam and silver fillings are a lot easier to pick out because of the difference in color between the fillings and your natural teeth.

Advantage #3: Simplicity

When it comes to dental work, resin composite fillings are a lot easier to work with. It is much easier to fit the resin into every crevice due to the mixture being a resin when injected. It is also a lot simpler to replace a resin composite filling than amalgam fillings, which being removed may actually injure your teeth.

Always advise with your dental professional when dealing with your dental care. Ask any questions you may have about your treatment options. Here at Trident General Dentistry we treat every patient like our family. Educating our patients on their treatment options and coming together to make the best decision for each patients needs is a main goal of ours. Are you looking for a dental team who provides only the top care? Schedule your visit with Trident General Dentistry today.