Dental Sealants, Does My Child Need Them?


Having your children brush and floss their teeth at least twice a day is a great way to lower the risk of tooth decay. Regular dental cleanings are another effective way to reduce this risk as well. However, there’s one more step you should take to prevent cavities in your children’s teeth. Dental sealants provide even more protection from tooth decay. 

What Are Dental Sealants?

These are thin coatings that go over your children’s molars in order to keep bacteria off of them. Molars have many grooves that bacteria can gather in, which increases the risk of having plaque build up and lead to decay. Keeping molars free of bacteria with brushing can be difficult for children to do, since the grooves in these teeth are harder to reach. Placing sealants on them means that food particles and bacteria can’t accumulate in the grooves. 

What to Expect from Dental Sealants

Your children might be nervous about having dental sealants put on, but the process is fast and does not cause any discomfort. Your children’s dentist will apply a gel on the teeth, then rinse it off before putting the sealant on. The sealant bonds to the surface of your children’s molars and provides them protection from bacteria and tooth decay. 

Are Dental Sealants Safe?

Dental sealants are safe to use except in rare instances when children have an allergy to the materials that are used. These sealants typically remain bonded to teeth for several years. Your children’s dentist can check them during regular cleanings and reapply them if needed. This helps ensure that your children continue to have a lower risk of tooth decay.

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